Why soil fertility is so important

Many Australian farmers understand the problems associated with declining soil fertility... having to use increasing levels of high analysis fertiliser, crop protectants and tillage in an attempt to maintain or improve production.

Unfortunately, such high inputs can disrupt the delicate balance of soil life, leading to a decline in soil structure and nutrient availability. Gradual deterioration in soil fertility is causing major problems in modern agriculture, with farmers now reconsidering their soil management programs.

NatraMin products are being recognised as a core part of the solution. Our range of Mineral Fertilisers and Soil Conditioners are designed to assist soil regeneration by addressing the nutritional, biological and structural aspects of soil fertility.

NatraMin is formulated to supply broad spectrum minerals and trace elements, stimulate microbe and worm activity in the soil, and improve soil strucutre. When integrated with soil management strategies, NatraMin can help produce living, healthy and balanced soil capable of producing high yielding crops, pastures and livestock.


NatraMin - the beginning of a cycle to improve you soil