Equine Supplements

MegaMin® Equine Supplements

MegaMin® Equine range includes the new Premium Equine Supplements that have been specially formulated by a leading Australian Equine Nutritionist in addition to the standard MegaMin® livestock supplements that are suitable for horses.

Horses require a minimum of 1% of their bodyweight per day in roughage (pasture, hay and chaff) and ensure that an adequate supply of fresh, clean drinking water and free choice plain salt are available at all times.

Did You Know?

“Minerals and trace elements play important roles in physiological, structural and regulatory functions within the horse’s body and without a correct balance of minerals, horses are unable to perform to the best of their genetic potential.”

Premium Triple Action Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Suitable for all Types of Horses

  • Scientifically balanced vitamins and minerals.
  • Fortified with biotin (20mg per 100g dose), organic zinc and methionine to assist skin and coat condition and promote healthy hoof growth.
  • Prebiotic to help support a healthy hindgut and efficient digestion.
  • Contains AgSolutions® unique blend of natural minerals.

Premium Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Vitamin D Top Up Supplement for Horses Grazing High Oxalate Pastures

  • A scientifically balanced Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Vitamin D supplement
  • Assists in balancing the Calcium to Oxalate ration in sub-tropical pastures (Buffel, Kikuyu, Pangola, Green Panic and Setaria) to reduce the risk of Bighead Disease
  • Helps promote strong, healthy bones
  • Recommended to be fed alongside MegaMin Equine Enhancer
  • Contains AgSolutions’ unique blend of natural minerals